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Biotec Sys Srl is a private, independent biotechnology developer company working in the environmental, bioenergetic and agricultural-and-food sector. It possesses a well-established know-how and property rights on fermentative, biocatalytic and photosynthetic processes that use biowaste, organic wastewaters and other biomasses, combined with CO2, for the industrial production of bioenergy and biofuels.

The company provides R&D and industrial applications for both private and public sectors. Established in 1986 as Agrobiotec System, it pioneered the integration between anaerobic digestion technologies and open-air microalgae systems for animal wastewater treatment, with methane and feed production.

It has developed anaerobic digestion systems for sludge and other organic waste combined with CO2 for biomethane production. It has recently applied these technologies also to the conversion into methane of the glycerol obtained from the production of biodiesel.

At present, Biotec Sys is engaged in the industrial-scale application of its know-how. This activity is carried out with industries that are obliged to comply with greenhouse gas emission regulations, and also with companies involved in the processing and/or disposal of organic waste and wastewaters, biofuel producers and feedstuff producers. It cooperates closely with Universities and environmental protection authorities.
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