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  • Sonia Villone
    President of the Board

    Degree in political science. She is in charge of financial matters. Prior to joining the company in 2008, she spent over 30 years teaching juridical and economic disciplines.

  • Cesarino Salomoni
    Chief Executive Officer and co-founder

    Biologist with 30 years of experience in corporate management, R&D projects, technology transfer and business development.

  • Armando Caputo
    Chief Operation Officer and co-founder

    Biologist with more than 23 years of experience in the areas of biological process design, process development and scale-up, and project engineering.

  • Mattia Bonoli
    Senior Biotechnology Developer

    Industrial biotechnology PhD with 7 years of experience in biocatalysisbased processes. He is presently Visiting Professor in molecular biology at the "Alma Mater" University of Bologna, Italy.

  • Prof.
    Domenico Palenzona

    Scientific Adviser

    Since 1980 as full-time Professor of genetics at the "Alma Mater" University of Bologna, Italy he has been working on the development of microbiological techniques for probiotics and energy production.

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