We develop Innovative Technologies and Advanced Services
to produce Biogas/Biomethane and Biofertilizer

Biotec Sys


The Company was founded in 1986 by a group of researchers. Since then, Biotec Sys Srl has been an independent actor that develops biotechnologies and biotechnical assistance services for the environmental, bioenergy, agricultural, agro-food and industrial sectors.

The Company has a consolidated know-how of fermentation and biocatalytic processes applied to organic waste, wastewater and other biomasses and a patented process for advanced anaerobic digestion in two phases, with injection and reuse of CO2 in the hydrolytic phase.

The company collaborates with the Department of Agro-Food Sciences and Technologies of the University of Bologna and agro-energy companies for the enhancement of the digestate from biogas plants, as a fertilizer and agro-biostimulant in cereal crops.

Our Services


Research & Innovations

For Biotec Sys, Research and Innovation are key factors for the sustainable economic and productive development


35 years of experience in anaerobic digestion for a wide range of services


Laboratory equipped for anaerobic digestion studies and bacterial and fungal microbiology

Projects and Study Cases

Biotec Sys has a long history of research and innovation in the production of technologies for environmental protection and for a more efficient use of resources, thanks also to the long collaboration with the University of Bologna.

The collaboration involved: treatment of sewage and waste and their conversion into bioenergy, production of high-quality food for aquaculture, CO2 capture and its enhancement in anaerobic processes, production of biofertilizer from digestate.