The Company was founded in 1986 by a group of researchers. Since then, Biotec Sys Srl has been an independent company that develops biotechnologies and technical services for the environmental, bioenergy, agricultural, agri-food and industrial sectors.

The Company has a consolidated know-how of fermentation and biocatalytic processes applied to organic waste, wastewater and other biomasses and a patented process for advanced anaerobic digestion in two phases, with injection and reuse of CO2 in the hydrolytic phase.

The company has ongoing collaborations with various partners, ranging from agro-energy, environmental, industrial companies to the University of Bologna.

The main objective is the effective and convenient integration of renewable energy production, agriculture, industry, environment and soil quality improvement in the agro-energy chain.

The company has also ongoing collaborations with industrial engineering companies in the “circular economy” sector, with the main objective of developing effective plant technologies for the reuse of industrial by-products as a source of bioproducts, bioenergy and biofertilizer.

The company’s assets include:

  • a team with over 35 years of experience, combining economics, biology, biotechnology, industry and management;
  • a rapid response laboratory for the analytical needs of agricultural and industrial biogas plants;
  • equipment for research and development in advanced anaerobic digestion and biocatalysis;
  • know-how in the design and management of advanced anaerobic digestion plants on a pilot scale and for an effective transfer to agriculture and industry.