Research & Innovation

Since its establishment, Biotec Sys has constantly worked on the Research, Development and application of environmental biotechnologies for the private and public sector.

Biotec has worked in close collaboration with the Department of AgriFood Sciences and Technologies of UNIBO and bodies responsible for protecting the environment.

Biotec with UNIBO and the private and public sector have collaborated in the production of biogas / biomethane from waste, by-products, energy crops and sludge as well as in the enhancement of digestate as a biofertilizer and agri-biostimulant.

Biotec has integrated anaerobic digestion units with open air systems with microalgae and floating plants with the production of biogas and biomass for the feed industry in the treatment of livestock waste.

Biotec has developed integrated anaerobic digestion systems of sewage sludge and other organic waste combined with CO2 in the hydrolytic phase for the production of biogas / biomethane and the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Biotec has applied anaerobic digestion technologies to the conversion into biomethane of the glycerol obtained from biodiesel production, to the conversion of tannery waste and primary paper mill sludge to biogas.

Biotec has developed a biofertilizer and agribiostimulant production process starting from the digestate obtained from biogas plants and has collaborated in defining plans for their use through fertilization and spreading practices.

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